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How to Store Clothing in Storage Units in Las Vegas

March 15, 2017

Are you running out of space in your closet? Some people choose to rent a storage unit when they need to free up some precious closet space, but others may worry about how well their clothing will hold up in storage. If you’re considering putting clothing in storage units in Las Vegas, here are some tips to help you ensure everything stays in excellent condition:

Clean everything first.

It’s recommended that you wash or dry clean items prior to putting them in storage. Why? That spaghetti stain on the collar of your shirt may darken after sitting in storage for a long period of time. Plus, the smell of dirty clothes will become stronger and could even attract bugs into your unit. Protect your clothing by washing everything before transferring it into your unit.

Label boxes.

If any of your clothing items are going in boxes, make sure that each box is labeled clearly. Why? Let’s say a few months from now, you visit your storage unit on the hunt for your favorite winter jacket. If you labeled all of your clothing boxes “clothing,” you will have to spend hours digging through each box to find the jacket. But, if you labeled the box with your jackets as “winter clothing,” you won’t have to search as hard. How does this affect the condition of your clothes? In the process of digging through each box, you have probably unfolded your clothes and left them strewn about your storage unit, leaving them vulnerable to damage. Prevent this problem by planning ahead and labeling your boxes correctly.

Use garment bags.

Although it’s common to put clothing in boxes, there are some items that simply should not be folded. For example, a fur coat or expensive gown should be stored hanging instead of folded. How can you make this happen? Invest in a few garment bags and rolling racks. Pack your delicate items into garment bags and store them inside your unit on a rolling rack. Learn what clothes to hang and fold here.

Buy cedar balls.

To protect your clothing from bugs, you may think it’s appropriate to buy mothballs, but it’s actually recommended that you use cedar balls instead. Mothballs can be dangerous to pets and children who may get inside your belongings. Although they’re effective at keeping moths away, they also have an unpleasant smell that will linger on your clothes for what seems like eternity. Cedar balls, however, have a much more pleasant smell and are all natural, so they won’t put children or pets in harm’s way. Regardless of whether you choose mothballs or cedar balls, make sure you don’t put them directly on the garments and instead put them inside the box or bag that contains the garments. 

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