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How to Choose the Right Sized Storage Units in Las Vegas

March 22, 2017

When it comes to choosing storage units in Las Vegas, size matters. If you choose a unit that is too small, you won’t have enough room for all of you belongings. But if you choose a unit that is too large, you will end up paying for space that isn’t being used. How can you ensure you choose the right size for your needs? Follow these tips:

Determine the purpose of your unit.

Some people rent a storage unit to temporarily store some of their belongings until they have moved into a new house. In this situation, the renter typically doesn’t need to access any of the items inside the unit until they are ready to load them back into a truck and bring them into their new home. However, other people rent out a storage unit for things that they no longer have room for in their home. These renters tend to visit their units, open boxes, and remove items on a regular basis. If you are in the first group, you can get by with a smaller unit. But if you are in the second group, you will need a larger unit so you have room to walk around and access all of your items whenever you need something.

Look at the unit size breakdown.

It can be difficult to visualize what a 5 foot x 5 foot storage unit looks like or how much it can hold. Luckily, there are plenty of guides online that help you understand how much fits into each type of unit. For example, a 5 foot x 5 foot unit is about the size of a small closet, while a 10 foot by 10 foot unit is about half of the size of a one-car garage. It’s much easier to visualize how much space you have when you think of it this way. Learn how to pick the right size storage unit here.

Measure your largest item.

Are you planning on storing bulky items inside your storage unit? If so, you may want to start by measuring the largest item you want to put into storage. For example, if you have a couch that you want to keep in a storage unit, measure the length of it. It’s possible the couch is over 5 feet long, which would help you immediately eliminate the smaller sized units.

Figure out what you want to store.

It’s impossible to determine what size unit you need if you don’t know exactly what you are going to store in it. Instead of assuming everything in the attic will go into storage, go into the attic and actually start to pack the items. Once you start packing, you may find that you want to donate some items instead of storing them.  

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