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How to Pack Items Before Moving Them into Self Storage in Las Vegas

Is your home becoming more and more cluttered? Are you trying to get a head start on this year’s spring cleaning? If so, you may want consider moving some of the items you don’t use on a regular basis into self storage in Las Vegas. But, wait! You’ll need to carefully pack your belongings to ensure everything remains in good condition while in storage. How can you do this? Here’s a helpful guide:

Follow the basic rules.

There are a few basic rules that every mover should follow when packing boxes. First, the heaviest items should go on the bottom of the box so they don’t crush any lighter items. Before placing lighter items on top of the heavier items, put down a layer of packing foam to create a barrier. This will prevent items from rubbing against each other and causing damage. Finally, make sure you don’t put too much in one box. You should be able to easily lift and transfer the box, and if you can’t, you should probably take out a few of the items. You should also remove items if you can’t close and tape up the box easily. 

Be careful packing fragile items.

Obviously, it’s important to pay extra attention to how you pack fragile items to ensue they’re not broken while being transferred or sitting in storage. Be sure to individually wrap every fragile item in bubble wrap or tissue paper instead of grouping similar items together. After all of the items have been wrapped, place them inside a box with soft padding to provide extra protection. You should also label the outside of these boxes with the word “fragile.” This will help you identify boxes that you need to be careful with when you’re moving your stuff or trying to find something in your storage unit.

Fill in empty spaces.

Before you tape up a box and transfer it to your storage unit, check one last time for any empty space. If there is empty space in a box, fill it with packing paper or soft cloths. Why? Empty space leaves room for your items to shift around while they are being transferred, which could lead to damage. Prevent items from shifting around while they are being moved and sitting in storage by getting rid of all the empty space within your boxes. Read more moving packing tips.

Disassemble large items.

You only have so much space within a storage unit, so it’s important to maximize what you do have by dissembling large pieces of furniture and electronics. Not only will this free up more space within your storage unit, but it also makes these bulky items much easier to transport.

Now that you know how to properly pack your belongings, are you ready to move some of your belongings into a storage unit? Contact the go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas, Storage Durango Blue Diamond. Call us today at (702) 361-3304!