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How to Create an Inventory of Items in Self Storage in Las Vegas

Many people hesitate to use self storage in Las Vegas because they fear they will lose track of what they put in their units. Luckily, there’s a very simple solution to this problem. If you take the time to create an inventory of the items you have in storage, you never have to worry about misplacing or forgetting about something again. Here’s how to get started:

Use a spreadsheet.

Because you will need to update this list every time you take an item out of storage or add a new item to your unit, it’s best to make this a digital file that can easily be edited. Keep an Excel spreadsheet that lists all of the items you have in your storage unit. If you share your storage unit with someone else, you may want to use a shared Google spreadsheet instead. Create the Google spreadsheet and then give the other person access to it. This way, both of you can access and edit the document at any time.

Take photos.

If you are storing boxes and boxes of clothing and small trinkets, it can be difficult to take photographs of every item. However, if you are only putting furniture or other large items into your storage unit, it shouldn’t take long to snap a picture of each item. You can either keep these photos on your phone or upload them onto your computer.

Taking pictures also comes in handy if you have insurance on certain items and want to document the condition they were in when you put them inside the unit. In this case, it’s crucial that you take photos of each item from different angles.

Label boxes.

Clearly label each box with a description of what’s inside and a number. After each box has been assigned a number, open a spreadsheet or grab a clipboard and write down each box’s number and a summary of what’s inside. For example, if box #1 is full of clothing, you could write down “#1-winter jackets, hats, and scarves.” This is a great method to use if you want to make sure you are as detailed as possible when tracking what items are inside your unit. 

Do it as you go.

If you are going to create an inventory list, it’s important to keep up with it. Every time you visit your storage unit to add or remove something, you must update the list otherwise there is no point in having it. It’s much easier to create and maintain a list of items if you start in the very beginning, so try to do this as you are moving your items into a storage unit for the first time. Check out eight tips for using rental storage units for more info!

Now that you know how to create an inventory of the items in your storage unit, it’s time to find a storage facility that meets your needs. Contact the go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas, Storage Durango Blue Diamond. Contact us today!