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How to Store Electronic Devices in Storage Units in Las Vegas

June 7, 2017

Have you recently purchased a bigger and better TV for your living room? Or are you upgrading to a new computer? You may want to hold onto to your old electronics in case you ever need them again, but where should you put them? Electronic devices take up a lot of space that you may not have, which is why many people choose to put their old devices in storage units in Las Vegas. If you want to store electronics, make sure you follow these tips:

Use the original box.

Electronic devices are often oddly shaped, so finding a box that will fit them properly may be difficult. If possible, put the electronic device back inside the box it originally came in before placing it inside a storage unit. The original box will be designed to fit the device, so it’s perfect for keeping it safe inside a storage unit.

Take a picture.

Before doing anything else, take a picture of the way the electronic device is set up. For example, if you are storing a TV, snap a photo of the back of the device where all of the cables are plugged in. This way, if you ever take the device out of storage, you can quickly pull up the picture to remind yourself how to set it up.

Don’t put items on top of electronics.

When you finally get to the storage unit, make sure that you don’t put anything on top of the electronic devices. A large TV may look sturdy, but most electronic devices are actually quite fragile. Avoid damage by keeping items off of your electronics.

Keep all wires together.

If you’re storing more than one electronic device inside your storage unit, you should keep the wires and accessories for each device separate to avoid confusion when you take these items out of storage. Bundle the wires for each device together, and then put them inside a plastic bag along with the remote control and any other accessories that go with the device. Put a label on the outside of the bag that tells you exactly which device the wires and accessories inside pair with.

Look for air cooled units.

Electronic devices should not be left in extremely hot temperatures, so it’s important to find a storage facility that offers air cooled units. This will keep your devices cool year round so you don’t have to worry about the heat damaging them while you’re away. Read about the effects of heat on electronics at Apiste-Global.

Remove all items inside.

Be sure to remove things like CDs, DVDs, ink cartridges, or extra paper from all of your electronic devices before you put them into storage. These could damage the device if left inside it for long periods of time.
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