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Questions to Ask When Looking For Las Vegas Storage Units

August 16, 2017

There are dozens of different Las Vegas storage units, so take your time when it comes to choosing the right one for your needs. Before signing a contract and moving your belongings into a unit, make sure you ask each facility these important questions:

Do each of the units have alarms? What type of alarms?

You will need to determine how secure your belongings will be inside the storage unit, and this is one question that will help you figure this out. If each unit has an alarm, find out what happens when the alarm goes off. Who will be notified? 

Do I have to buy my own insurance?

Insurance is recommended on the contents of your storage unit. Check with your insurance agent to see what options you have to insure your belongings. Does homeowners insurance cover contents of a storage unit?

Have your storage units ever flooded?

If water gets into your storage unit, many of your belongings may be damaged or completely ruined. Inside storage units should be protected from water, but if you are renting an outside unit, it’s a good idea to ask whether they have had issues with flooding in the past. If so, ask how many inches of water were present inside the unit so you have a better idea of the extent of the damage. If there were only a few inches of water, you should be able to protect your belongings by elevating them on crates inside the storage unit.

How can I access my unit?

Find out the procedure for coming to the facility to take something out of or put something in your unit. Will you have to enter a code at the gate? Do you need to check in with security? What hours are you allowed to come to the facility? This is important so you know how easy it will be to access your belongings when you need them.

Is someone available to help if I have questions?

You never know when you will need help while visiting your storage unit, so it’s best to find out if someone will be around to answer your questions. Most storage unit facilities are staffed seven days a week during the hours of operation, but you should find out for sure before making any decisions. 

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