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How to Keep Photographs Safe Inside Storage Units in Las Vegas

October 25, 2017

Nowadays, most photos are stored in memory cards or on hard drives, but things didn’t used to be this way. Do you still have albums and boxes full of your favorite photographs from the pre-digital age? These items can take up a lot of room in your home, but you shouldn’t have to toss these photos out and say goodbye to all of your memories. Instead, you may want to consider putting them in storage. Here’s how to keep your photographs in good condition inside storage units in Las Vegas:

Have A Back-Up Plan

Even though there are ways to keep your photos protected while they’re in storage, it’s still a good idea to have a backup plan in case something happens. If you have the negatives, keep these in a safe place at home so you can make additional copies of the photos if necessary. If the negatives are not available, it’s best to scan each of the photos and put them on a flash drive so you have a digital copy. Learn how to put pictures on a flash drive.

Choose An Air Cooled Unit

It’s important to choose an air cooled storage unit if you plan on storing photos. Why? The colors on your photographs will start to fade if they are exposed to high temperatures.

Protect Your Photos

Do you have your photos neatly organized in a photo album or are they stacked inside boxes? Before putting them in storage, make sure that the photo album or box won’t damage your pictures. Look for a photo album or box with a Photographic Activity Test (PAT) label, which means that the album or box does not contain any materials that could harm your photos during long-term storage. If the album or box does not have this label, it’s possible that your photos could suffer minor damage.

Picture Frames

Some of the photos that you are storing may already be inside picture frames. There’s no need to take them out of the frame prior to putting them in storage. But, you should double check that there is a label on the back of the frame that states the matting is acid-free. If the picture frame does not have this label, it’s recommended that you remove the picture and store it in a box or album. Picture frames that do not have this label could contain chemicals that will slowly damage your photo.

Follow these tips to preserve all of your wonderful memories for generations to come. Now that you know how to store your prized photographs, it’s time to find the right storage unit facility for your needs. The go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas is Storage Durango Blue Diamond! Contact us today at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at