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Off-Season RV Storage in Las Vegas

January 24, 2018

When it comes to RV Storage in Las Vegas, you need to prep your RV properly. After all, when spring gets here and you are ready for more RV adventures, you want to make sure your rig is ready to go!

Prepare the Unit’s Plumbing System

Be sure to drain all of the tanks, including the fresh water tank. Get them as empty as possible. Open faucets, step on the toilet pedal, and close the low point drains.

Pest-Proof the Rig

Nobody wants to open up their RV come spring only to find that you have unwanted guests. Protect against bugs and rodents by looking carefully over the exterior of the RV to find places where they can obtain access. Take a close look beneath the RV to ensure there are no gaps where mice or insects can get in. After you’ve shut off the gas, cover all appliance vents, including the air conditioner.

If you’ve ever had ants invade your RV, it’s not a bad idea to do make preemptive plans by setting down ant traps after you’ve cleaned everything. A mouse trap or two is another good idea.

This step sounds obvious but is often overlooked: Be sure to remove all perishable food items from your RV before storing it for the winter.

Prepare the Interior

The first thing to do is clean, including the appliances. Be sure to leave the refrigerator/freezer doors ajar to keep air circulating. Clean counters, cabinet shelves, and all other surfaces, including the floors. Make sure the oven and microwave are clean and have no lingering crumbs. Leave all doors open slightly to for ventilation. Vacuum thoroughly. Scrub all bathroom surfaces.

If there are batteries in any of your small appliances, take those out. Shut off electrical and gas systems.

Keep Moisture Out

When your RV is going to be stored for an extended period, it’s important to keep it dry to avoid problems with mold and water damage. A damp RV can also develop a musty smell that is tough to get rid of two. Ventilation and good seals are key.

Have some caulk handy so you can repair any exterior seam cracks. Apply a seal conditioner to any rubber seals that might be damaged. 

Keep air circulating to protect against mold by using roof vent covers. These will protect against moisture and pests while still allowing for proper ventilation.

Prepare the Exterior

If your rig is a towable, encourage positive drainage by lowering the tongue. To discourage theft, locking the tongue is also a good idea. Make sure awnings are clean and dry. If you have an RV cover, be sure air flow is still possible.

Protect the RV’s electrical system by either shutting off the battery or removing it altogether—unless you plan to return to the RV and periodically start and run it during the off-season. If that is the case, your battery should be fully charged before storing.

Ensure many more seasons of happy traveling by taking these steps to protect your RV when it’s in storage. Contact Storage Durango Blue Diamond about RV storage in Las Vegas. Contact us at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at