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5 Reasons Students Should Rent Las Vegas Storage Units Over the Summer

February 7, 2018

As a student, you relish the freedom that college brings, whether you live on-campus or in an off-campus apartment. You’re free to choose the décor, acquire items that make the space your own, and start to develop your own taste for design. However, once the academic year ends, the question of what to do with all those belongings becomes incredibly important. By renting storage units, Las Vegas students can eliminate the struggle of where to keep their stuff. Here are a few additional benefits of renting self-storage units when school is not in session.  

Save Money

Shipping items is expensive and paying to rent a moving truck for the drive back home will cost you in gas money, mileage, and insurance. Though you’ll need to pay a monthly fee for the storage unit, the fee will be far cheaper than paying for shipping or a truck. You’ll save money over the course of the summer without having to sell any of the belongings you love.  Read these other 7 money saving tips for students.

Save Space at Home

Your room back at home likely still has a lot of your belongings from your high school years. Bringing home all that additional stuff will make your old room feel far more crowded than it otherwise would. By renting Las Vegas storage units close to the UNLV, you’ll be able to keep your room at home feeling as spacious as you remember.

Gives You Time to Find the Best Apartment

If you’re looking to move to a new apartment or transitioning out of the dorms, finding the right place can be tough. Even if you find a new place, you’ll still need to keep your belongings somewhere until your lease begins. Renting a storage unit takes some of the stress out of the housing search as you’ll be able to focus on finding the perfect place rather than basing your decision solely on the move-in date.

Multiple Size Options

When you’re just starting out, you probably don’t have much in the way of furniture or belongings. Though you could cram everything into your trunk until the next year, why not rent a small storage unit and share it with a friend? This way, you and your friends or roommates can split the cost of the unit while keeping your stuff safe while you’re at home.

At Storage Durango Blue Diamond, we have the right storage unit for your needs, whether you’re wrapping up your first year of college or are moving to a new apartment at the beginning of the academic year. Choose from air-cooled indoor storage or easy-access outdoor units. Learn more about our availablestorage units online and call (702) 361-3304 to schedule a tour.