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What You Should Know Before Putting Your Belongings in Las Vegas Storage Units

February 14, 2018

Whether you are moving or downsizing, you have decided it’s time to rent a storage unit. But before you start randomly taking your things to storage units in Las Vegas, you should do some planning to make sure you do it right. No, it isn’t a complicated process, but you might have some regrets later if you don’t take the time now to store things />
This article by the moving folks at Allied includes great tips on packing and storing your items. Here’s what else you need to know before you get started:

Skip the Perishables

Even if your storage unit is air-cooled, storing perishable foods in a storage unit is a no-no. Not only will the food spoil at some point and smell bad, but it can also attract bugs and rodents. You don’t want that—and neither do your storage unit neighbors!

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

It’s easy to miscalculate how much store space you will need before you start putting things into the unit. If you get a unit that’s too big, you’ll pay more for space you are not even using. If you get a unit that’s too small, you’ll have to crown your belongings into the space, making it difficult to gain access to the things you might need. Make sure you plan ahead to ensure you get a unit that is sized right for your needs. (Read here for more information on maximizing the space you do have.)

Labeling Is Your Friend

Unless you’re packing everything in clear containers, you need to label boxes. You might think you have a good memory, but months later when you are looking at a stack of boxes with to label to identify contents, you will not remember what is in the boxes. Try to be as specific as possible. Don’t just write “kitchen” on the box; write “plates and silverware” on the box. You will thank yourself later for the foresight.

Invest in Good Packing Materials

It’s tempting to go the cheap route and use newspaper to protect your belongings, but newsprint can come off and damage your belongings. There are other ways to go, such as bubble wrap or packing paper. Your belongings will be clean and smudge free when you unpack them.

Keep Things Dry

Make sure items such as dishes and clothing are completely dry before you pack them. Even slightly damp items can develop mold and mildew that is practically impossible to get out. Take the extra time to make sure everything is completely dry before they hit the storage unit.

Leave Space for You

You want to make sure you can reach items in your storage unit easily, so leave a walkway for yourself so you can maneuver around the until easily and get to the items you need.

Now that have a plan in mind, contact the go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas, Storage Durango Blue Diamond. We have many units available, including one that is just right for you!