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Just in Time for Spring Cleaning: Storing Clothing in Your Las Vegas Storage Unit

March 7, 2018

With spring just around the corner, you might have cleaning on your mind. This is also a great time to go through closets and decide which items will be used in warmer weather and which items might be destined for your Las Vegas storage unit. Keeping items you are not using on a daily basis in a storage unit means less clutter around your house. Storing extra clothes this way just makes sense to free up some space.

When you are storing clothes in a storage unit, it’s important to do it right in order to protect your items. Here are some tips.

#1—Only Store Clean Clothing

If you store clothing that has stains on it, they might actually set into the articles over time and never come out. In addition, dirt on clothing—particularly food stains—might attract unwanted pests. Be sure to follow machine wash and dry clean only instructions on the tags.
Also make sure items are completely dry before you store them or you might end up with a mold problem.

#2—Use Cedar Balls Rather Than Mothballs

Not only do they smell bad—and leave your clean clothes smelling the same—but mothballs have been shown not to be completely effective at protecting your clothing from pests. In addition, they can be dangerous to both young children and pets.

A far better option are cedar balls made from natural cedar wood. They smell so much better than mothballs—and they are completely safe.

#3—Use Plastic Storage Bins

If you have cardboard boxes laying around, it might be tempting to store your clothes in those. But cardboard boxes won’t protect your items from pests and rodents the way a plastic storage bin with locking lid can. You can get clear plastic which will also make it easier to find the items you might be looking for. Make sure the bins are clean. Some experts recommend lining them with an old sheet to provide even more protection for your items. 

Along these same lines, you will want to avoid storing your clothing in plastic bags. The bags can trap moisture, creating mold and mildew that will permeate your clothing.

Read this article from the Container Store if you are storing antique clothing, which requires special consideration.

#4—Label Boxes

Even if you’ve used see-through plastic bins, you should label each box with specifics on what is inside. Don’t just label the box “clothing,” or you will run into problems when you are searching for one particular item among several boxes.

#5—Check Your Items Regularly

Stop in once in a while to see what you have in storage so you don’t go out and buy the same item you already have in storage. With our convenient hours, it’s easy to pop in whenever it makes sense for you.

Whether it’s time for some spring cleaning or just time to get rid of some of the clutter in your closets, when you are ready to move some of your clothing and other belongings into a Las Vegas storage unit, contact us. We are your go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas, Storage Durango Blue Diamond. Call us today at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at