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Las Vegas Self Storage: These Are the Most Common Items People Put Into Storage

April 4, 2018

When you drive by a Las Vegas self storage business, have you ever wondered what people are putting into all of those spaces? And why?
Some people store things out of nostalgia because they find it difficult to part with their belongings. Some people store things temporarily, while they are in between moves or in college or on an extended trip. Some people store things for their businesses. Whatever the reason, self storage is a great way to keep your belongings safe for as long as you need to. (Read “What You Should Know Before Putting Your Belongings in Las Vegas Storage Units” before you store anything.)

Here are some of the most common items you’ll find people put into self storage:


Whether you are storing antiques that have sentimental value or you just don’t have room for it in your current home, furniture is a commonly stored item.

Tips for safe storage: When storing furniture, it’s best to keep it off the ground using a plastic or wood pallet. Disassemble pieces when you can. Use bubble wrap or blankets to protect pieces and cushion hard edges. Place tabletops up against the wall. Tape a large “X” on mirrors to protect them from breakage. You might also want to consider an air cooled storage unit to protect furniture from extremes in temperature. (This article by Angie’s List, “8 Tips to Preserve Your Furniture While in Storage,” provides more information on how you can store your furniture safely.)


When you have appliances in good working order that you have no need for at the moment, self storage is a good solution. You can ensure they will be operational when you need them again by storing them properly
Tips for safe storage: Make sure appliances have been cleaned thoroughly before you store them. Keep them upright and keep doors open slightly so unpleasant smells don’t build up. Wrap up cords and fragile parts, such as glass panes, to protect them from damage.

Books and Paperwork

Our homes and offices can easily be overrun with paperwork. Many people now work out of their homes, so the problem is multiplied. Many businesses are legally required to hold on to paperwork for a certain amount of time and having a storage space outside the home or office just makes sense.
Books too can start overtaking bookshelves, leaving little room for anything else. Many people find it difficult to part with books, so storing them is a good option.

Tips for safe storage: Paper documents are vulnerable to heat and humidity, so it’s probably best to protect them by using a air cooled storage unit. Store paperwork in plastic containers, cardboard boxes, or file cabinets. Paperwork that is stored in boxes should be kept off the floor.
You can store books in the same way but be sure to keep boxes of books off the floor. Use wadded paper to protect the spines when packing books in boxes. Keep the weight of each box to no more than 30 pounds.

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