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Guide to Efficient Long Term Self-Storage

March 27, 2019

If you’re in the middle of planning a move or maybe have already finished one, are downsizing your home, or one of the many other reasons for considering using self-storage in Las Vegas, it is important to start to think about the usage long term. Often, people use long term storage to help mitigate clutter in their home or to make space for recreational equipment or seasonally-used items. If you’re planning to begin or switch to using long term storage, there are some helpful tips to consider or to plan for before getting started. At Storage Durango Blue Diamond, we stock convenient supplies for packing to make sure you’ve got everything you need on hand. Here are some ways you can better prepare for your long term storage unit:
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Understand Your Needs

What kinds of items do you plan on storing long term? Have you considered what you’ll need to retrieve seasonally versus what can remain in storage through the year? These questions can help guide you to the correct size and plan for your storage unit. Self-storage relies on your own planning to create a functional space. Measure your largest items, furniture or equipment that may be headed for storage. Remember that you will also be relying on how you arrange your large items in the unit. Measurements will be very important for you to determine what size storage unit you’ll need.

Planning Ahead

We often have keepsake items or furniture and equipment that will only be needed to access very infrequently throughout the year. Many parents or grandparents have boxes of old baby clothes and family keepsakes they may not need to have on hand at home. It is helpful to clear extra space in your home by migrating some of the lesser used boxes. These are great candidates to plan on adding to your long term storage unit.

Consider repacking the old boxes of family treasures into plastic bins with lids. The more air-tight you can store your items, the better. If you want to prevent moisture from causing mold or attracting pests, you can seal your clothes or items in airtight containers with bubble wrap or vacuum seals.
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Create better air flow throughout your unit: instead of loading furniture and boxes directly on the ground, place everything on top of pallets. If you are able to plan the space well enough, you can create paths the walk through your items by arranging your pallets first. At our storage facilities, we have freight elevators, so you know you’ll have the space to move in. Making sure everything is elevated simply helps ensure your items are stored in the most optimal way. Consider using shelves, or purchasing organizational items for long term storage items that should remain usable or accessible. Labels are another important factor with long term storage - don’t rely on your memory to know which items are fragile, for instance - mark all your boxes with detail.

Helpful tip - switch out seasonal items in your unit to ensure you are in contact with the storage unit and your items occasionally. If you aren’t planning on using your storage unit for seasonal items that will be used throughout the year, you might not have a reason to visit. It’s always a good idea to check in periodically and have a plan in place to do so - sometimes just to make sure your contact information is up to date or to learn about anything new at the facility.

Cleanliness Makes a Difference

It might go without saying - cleaning each item before storing will minimize the possibility of storing items with residues, oils, or food left lingering. Sometimes food residue that is on stored appliances or furniture which have not been properly cleaned can lead to mold (or create smells in sealed boxes or small spaces). It is a good practice to repack boxes which were packed and stored somewhere like a garage, just to make sure nothing is dusty, moldy, or needs to be cleaned before putting into storage. It is especially important to thoroughly clean previously used appliances in storage, since they are most susceptible to mold growth or moisture.

Choose an Option Close to Home

The smartest option for self-storage is near your home. If you live near Mountain’s Edge in Las Vegas, our facilities are nearby and easy to access from the surrounding neighborhoods. For many people living in neighborhoods off the 215, travel to and from your unit can be quick and convenient. Especially for your seasonal items, accessing your unit quickly or without hassle is ideal.

Use SDBD for easy access to your unit and friendly support from the team. We also provide all the items you might need to have on hand for a move, from the boxes, dollies, and blankets to the truck itself - you can find everything in one place.

If you ensure you are mindful of how you plan the storage space for an extended period of time, you’ll find it much easier to manage long term. Get started today by calling our team or submitting your info to us online to check availability. Find out more useful information about our storage facilities, like some of the popular features and perks of our space, as well as some other helpful advice if you are renting a storage unit for your belongings.

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