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The Best (& Most Efficient) Ways to Pack a Storage Unit

July 23, 2019

If you’re planning to use self-storage in Las Vegas and you haven’t ever done that before, you might not be completely prepared for how you plan to do so. It’s always a good idea to take the time to prepare yourself beforehand. The process for packing a storage unit has a few main steps and there are some ideas and considerations to remember along the way. Once you start using your storage unit, you’ll learn more about how to best use if for your own purposes. 

Step 1: Sort and Separate

You might have many things ready to go into storage, like all the things that might have piled up in the garage or attic space. It is important to not only get these things out of their hiding places, but to get everything out that you plan on placing in storage. You might temporarily start organizing things in a designated room or space in your house, since you’ll need the space to organize. Because you’re going to be storing these items outside of your home, you’ll want to make sure things stay as organized as possible. Be sure you have a method for grouping certain items and make lists for reference if there are a lot of various items. You can simply number your boxes and take an inventory of what is inside for each. 

Step 2: Clean Everything… Twice

It goes without saying to clean everything, but we often have already had things stored in closets or bedrooms which had been cleaned when they were originally packed. You might want to air these kinds of things out a bit before repacking them for storage. It also gives you a chance to once more edit down anything that you might want to donate. Wash clothing and other linens to keep them fresh for longer periods of time. You’ll have a better chance of keeping any pests out of your things if everything in your storage unit has been recently cleaned. 

Step 3: Think Portable & Easy to Move

As you have grouped and organized your items for storage, remember to think about how you might need to use certain things, or how long other items might remain untouched. Consider packing your things into smaller, more easily movable boxes. If you are able to easily move things around without too much extra exertion, you’ll be more efficient long-term. Heavy boxes are more difficult to move and can become burdensome when shuffling things around in your storage unit. 

Books are commonly something stored for long periods of time, but large boxes of books can get very heavy very quickly. Consider using small boxes for books and create a method for organization. Another idea is to use some old or unused luggage to stack books inside for easier transport. 

Step 4: Determine Size Requirements

Once you have gone through all your considerations of what to pack and how to pack it for your storage space, you’ll have a great idea of how much space you’ll need to rent. Make sure to consider the fact that you’ll need to be able to get into your storage unit and potentially access different items, so there will need to be enough space for you to access it as needed. Make sure you are prepared for storing certain items - anything that is of value to you should be stored off the ground. Pallets are a great way to provide some space between your boxes and the ground and provide some needed ventilation under stacks of boxes. 

Step 5: Stacking & Planning a Layout

The layout you choose for your belongings will determine how easy it is for you to use your storage unit. Using vertical space to stack strong boxes is always a smart idea. Consider separating your items between long-term items like old baby toys or no longer used family heirlooms or furniture. These things won’t be accessed except for some particular circumstance, so they can remain covered, blocked, or underneath other things. Seasonal items like ski gear and beach umbrellas, should be in the same space to be swapped for other seasonal items as you go. If you are storing clothes seasonally, these should be somewhat easy to access depending on how often you swap things out.  Most often, holiday decorations can take up a lot of space in a garage, so decorations are a great item to organize and be able to access throughout the year.

In addition to organizing the layout by the type of item in storage, you can be smart about your placement of furniture and boxes. Create a path for yourself to be able to walk through your belongings and you can increase your efficiency in use. 

Step 6: Ease of Use

The most important thing to remember is that using a storage unit should be helping to make things easier for you. Reduce clutter in your home and create more space for the every day needs. When you choose a self storage company near your home, it makes using your unit much easier. If you live in the Mountain’s Edge community or near Blue Diamond, you have a great option for storage at Storage Durango Blue Diamond. Some basic perks of a storage facility are the amenities, and with Uhaul trucks, moving supplies, easy access, and friendly service, you’ll have everything you need to prepare. 

If you’re in the process of moving, downsizing, or looking to be efficient with your space by using a storage unit in Las Vegas, get in contact with Storage Durango Blue Diamond! Our team is friendly and happy to answer your questions to help you figure out what size is best for your needs. If you’re preparing to rent storage space for the first time, check out some of our other resources to learn some smart tips and advice from your local Las Vegas storage facility. 

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