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Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Storage Units in Las Vegas

Are you ready to move items into storage units in Las Vegas? Wait! If this is your first time using a storage unit, there are certain things you should know before you get started. Here are some of the top mistakes you should avoid when using a storage unit:

Forgetting to label the boxes.

No matter how good your memory is, there’s no way you’re going to remember what you put inside each box without a label. Be as specific as possible with your label so you can quickly find what you need. For example, instead of writing “clothing” on a box of jackets and coats, write “winter clothing” or “winter outerwear” instead.

Using newspaper.

What are you using to protect your fragile items? If you’re wrapping these items in newspaper, you’re making a common mistake. Newspaper ink can rub off on your personal items, so if you don’t want your fine china to have black smudges, choose bubble wrap or packing paper instead. Read these four easy tips for packing fragile items.

Storing food items.

It’s never smart to store food items in a storage unit, even if the unit is climate-controlled. Food will eventually begin to spoil, which will create a foul smell that will permeate through your other boxes. Food can also attract bugs and rodents into your storage unit -try to keep food at home.

Choosing the wrong size.

Before signing a contract with a facility, you have to accurately estimate how much space you will need or you will be making a big mistake. If you choose a unit that is too large, you will end up paying more than necessary, but if you choose one that’s too small, your belongings may end up crammed in a tiny space. Take the time to plan ahead so you don’t make this common mistake.

Packing wet items.

It’s normal to pack up plates, cups, and other kitchen items that are rarely used around your house. However, be sure that all of these items are completely dry before you put them in your storage unit. If any items are slightly wet, mold and mildew can develop once everything is inside the storage unit. This is a problem you definitely want to avoid—so make sure you spend a few extra minutes drying your belongings before placing them in storage.

Leave a walkway.

As you start putting your items into the unit, make sure you are leaving a walkway space down the center. Doing this ensures you are able to easily reach the boxes that are all the way in the back of your unit without having to remove all of the boxes in the front.

Now that you know what mistakes you should avoid, contact the go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas, Storage Durango Blue Diamond.