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Tips For Long-Term Car Storage in Las Vegas

May 10, 2017

What kind of items do people tend to put in storage in Las Vegas?

It’s common to find book collections, clothing, bulky pieces of furniture, and even cars. That’s right—many people put their cars in covered parking spaces if they plan on going out of town for a long period of time or if they want to protect a valuable vehicle from damage. Because cars are so expensive, it’s imperative that you know how to properly store them to prevent damage.

Here are some tips for safely storing your vehicle:

Change your car’s fluids

Before putting your car in a covered parking spot, it’s best to pop the hood so you can change the oil and top off other fluids. Why will this matter if your car will just be sitting in storage? If the oil is not clean, the contaminants can eventually get into the engine and cause serious damage. Change the oil prior to bringing your car to a storage facility so you don’t have to worry about your engine.

Fill it with gas

Stop at a gas station on your way to the storage facility and put at least one quarter tank of gas into your vehicle. By doing this, you can prevent moisture from becoming trapped inside the fuel tank while your car sits in a covered parking spot.

Lift it up

How long do you plan on being away from your vehicle? If the vehicle will remain in a covered parking spot for over a year, it’s strongly recommended that you lift the vehicle up off of the ground using a jack stand. If you leave the vehicle planted on the ground, flat spots can form on the tires before you come back to retrieve it. 

You don’t need to lift up your vehicle if you plan on taking it out of the covered parking spot within a year. But, you should fill the tires until the pressure has reached 35 pounds per square inch. This should give the tires the stability and strength they need to support the weight of your vehicle as it sits in a covered parking spot. Learn how to put air in your car tires.

Clean the vehicle

Give your car a good scrub down right before you bring it to a storage facility. If you don’t clean the exterior of your vehicle, dirt and debris stuck to the surface may damage the paint by the time you take the car out of the covered parking spot. You should also clean the inside of your car to ensure you are not leaving any perishable items behind. 

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the car, place a protective cover over it. These covers will protect your vehicle from any dust or debris that may begin to collect after a longer period of time.

Now that you know how to protect your car while it’s in storage, it’s time to find a storage facility that meets your needs. The go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas is Storage Durango Blue Diamond! Contact us today at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at