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How to Maximize the Space Inside Storage Units in Las Vegas

December 20, 2017

There is plenty of space inside most storage units in Las Vegas, but space can fill up quickly if you are storing a lot of belongings. Instead of renting a bigger unit or multiple units, try to rearrange everything to maximize the space you have. How? Follow these tips:

Disassemble Furniture

Furniture pieces are big and bulky, so they will take up a lot of space inside your unit. To make room for other belongings, disassemble the furniture before transporting it into storage. It’s much easier to find room for disassembled furniture pieces than it is to store a bed frame, table, or chair that is completely put together. See 8 tips to preserve your furniture while in storage.

Start in the Back of the Unit

It can be tempting to drop boxes of items right at the entrance of the storage unit so you don’t have to carry them any further, but this is not making good use of your space. Load items into the back of the unit first and work your way forward as you start to run out of space. Doing this will ensure you are making good use of every inch of storage space.

Sort Through Belongings

A lot of storage space is wasted on things that renters don’t actually want or need. To prevent this problem, it’s recommended that you sort through your belongings prior to transporting everything to the storage facility. Donate, sell, or throw away items that you no longer need so they don’t end up wasting valuable storage space inside your unit.

Use Boxes and Containers of the Same Size

Stacking boxes or containers on top of each other is the best way to maximize space inside of a unit. However, boxes and containers will not stack on top of each other easily if they vary in size and shape. Therefore, it’s best to use boxes or containers that are all the same size and shape. 

If you somehow end up with boxes or containers in multiple sizes, group those that are similar in size together. Larger boxes should go towards the back of the unit, and smaller boxes should be kept in the front.

Make Sure Boxes Are Full

Storing half-empty boxes is not a good use of space. Every box that you pack should be full, but still light enough for one person to carry. If you find a lot of boxes that are not completely full, try to find other items that will fit inside while being mindful of the weight of the box. For example, a box that is half-full of books will be fairly heavy, but still have a bit of space left inside. Instead of losing this space, fill it with something that won’t add a lot of weight to the box, such as a few decorative pillows.

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