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Tips For RV Storage in Las Vegas

July 12, 2017

If you have a RV, you may be wondering what you should do with it in between adventures. RVs are large, so storing them at your home be out of the question if you don’t have enough space. Instead of squeezing in your RV next to your car, consider putting it in RV storage in Las Vegas. Here’s how to keep your RV in good condition while it’s in storage:

Winterize it.

Will your RV be in storage during the winter season? If so, you will need to winterize the vehicle to protect certain parts from damage. For example, you should drain all water from the RV’s tank and clean out all of its pipes prior to putting it in storage. If you don’t, the liquid could freeze when temperatures begin to drop outside, which causes the pipes or the tank to crack. Make sure you write down everything that you do to winterize your RV so you can undo it once you take the RV out of storage in the spring. Learn how to winterize an RV.

Ventilate it.

Leave the vents on the top of the RV open while the RV is in storage. This will ensure that the inside of the RV is properly ventilated so unpleasant odors and moisture don’t ruin the interior. It’s recommended that you use vent covers on top of the open vents while the RV is in storage. If you don’t already have these, buy them prior to putting the RV away so you are prepared.

Take care of the tires.

It’s imperative that RV owners take the time to take care of their tires. If they don’t, the tires may blow out the second that they attempt to drive the RV after months of keeping it in storage. To prevent this from happening, take out everything that you don’t need within the RV to lighten the load on the tires. If you can, make it a point to visit the storage facility and drive the RV every few months. You don’t have to go far—just drive it up and down the parking lot to rotate the tires. If you won’t be around to do this, it may be best to use cement blocks to prop the RV up during storage so none of the weight falls onto the tires.

Clean the interior.

Before bringing your RV to storage, make sure to thoroughly clean the interior. Vacuum all food crumbs and remove any food or drinks from the refrigerator indoors. Leaving these items behind can attract pests to your vehicle while its in storage. Even if all the doors and windows are closed, small bugs will find a way inside.

Now that you know how to properly store your RV, it’s time to find the right storage unit facility for your needs. The go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas who own RVs is Storage Durango Blue Diamond! Contact us today at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at