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How to Store A Jet Ski in Public Storage in Las Vegas

July 26, 2017

Once summer is over, there’s not much that you can do with a jet ski for the rest of the year. Instead of letting your jet ski take up space in your garage or shed, consider putting it in public storage in Las Vegas. This is a great way to keep your jet ski safe and in good condition until the next time that you need it. But, before you put it away, there are a number of steps you should take to prepare it for storage. Follow these tips:

Remove water from the engine.

If there is any water in the engine, it could lead to corrosion once the jet ski is put away in storage. Prevent this from happening by draining all of the water from the engine before putting it inside your covered parking spot. To do this, hop onto the jet ski and tilt it so the front is elevated above the back. Start the engine and turn the handles back and forth quickly a few times to push water out.

Clean the exterior.

Even if your jet ski doesn’t look dirty, it’s a good idea to give it a good scrub down before putting it in storage. Doing so will ensure there is no salt, algae, or other debris on the surface that could cause damage in the months ahead. It’s best to use a soft sponge on the top of your jet ski, and a non-abrasive brush on the bottom so you can remove every last speck of dirt and grime. Learn how to winterize a jet ski.

Prevent infestations.

Walk around your jet ski and identify any areas where rodents could begin to nest during the winter. Areas such as the exhaust pipe are attractive to rodents because they offer warmth and shelter. To prevent rodents from calling your jet ski home, stuff clean rags into the exhaust pipe and any other openings. Be sure that you remove these rags prior to starting the jet ski once you take it out of the covered parking spot.

Fill the tank.

Before putting any kind of watercraft in storage, you should always fill the tank with gas. This may seem pointless since you won’t be using the jet ski for a few months, but it’s not. Condensation can easily begin to form in an empty or partially empty gas tank. If the temperatures outside drop, the condensation could freeze and cause the gas tank to crack. Even if temperatures don’t drop, the condensation could eventually lead to corrosion. These are two problems that you will not want to deal with when taking your jet ski out of the covered parking spot, so don’t forget to fill the tank. 

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