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Should You Put Baby Clothes and Toys in Public Storage in Las Vegas?

October 4, 2017

Every inch of your home will quickly fill with baby clothes, toys, and strollers once you have a child. But, what should you do with all of this stuff once your child gets older? If you’re planning on having more kids, it may be a good idea to put these items in public storage in Las Vegas. Here are a few things you should consider when deciding what items should be donated and what should go into storage:

Will the Item Still Be Useful?

Before putting an item into storage, think long and hard about whether the item will still be useful by the time you have another child. For example, many people don’t realize that car seats come with an expiration date printed on the bottom. Take a look at this expiration date before storing a car seat to determine if you will be able to use it again before the item is no longer usable. There’s no point putting an item in storage if you won’t be able to use it again—especially if you can donate it to someone else who will be able to get some use out of it right away. Learn about car seat expiration dates.

Did Your Baby Enjoy the Item?

Parents often buy a lot of toys for their little ones, but that doesn’t mean every single toy needs to end up in storage. It’s very likely that your child ended up loving some toys and hating others. If a toy wasn’t popular with your child, then it may not be popular with your next child either. It’s recommended that you only store the items that your child enjoyed so you don’t waste any space.

Were You Satisfied With the Item?

If you weren’t satisfied with the performance of an item such as a stroller or baby carrier, putting it in storage isn’t necessary. You shouldn’t reuse an item that you aren’t completely happy with, so donate these goods instead.

Is the Item in Good Condition?

You won’t be dressing your next child in torn or stained clothing or allowing him to play with broken toys, so there’s no need to store items that aren’t in good condition. Carefully examine each item to look for any signs of damage before deciding what to do with it. If the damaged items can’t be donated, then dispose of them properly instead of letting them sit inside a storage unit.

Does the Item Have Sentimental Value?

Parents often keep boxes of each of their children’s favorite things so they can hold onto the memories for decades to come. If there’s a toy that your child absolutely loved before he outgrew it, you may want to put it in one of these memory boxes instead of keeping it in storage. 

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