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What to Clear Out of Storage in Las Vegas

November 15, 2017

Is your storage unit starting to fill up? There are two ways to resolve this problem: rent a bigger unit or clear out the stuff you no longer need. The first option means you will have to move all of your belongings and pay more for a larger unit, which is why most people prefer getting rid of things instead. What should you clear out of your unit? Here are some of the items that you probably don’t need to keep around:  

Old Electronics

Technology is rapidly advancing, so chances are any electronic devices that you have inside your storage unit are now outdated. Old devices like VCRs and boom boxes have very little value, so there’s no point in keeping these around when all they’re doing is wasting space inside your storage unit. Don’t just toss these items in the trash—find a local electronics recycler that will properly dispose of them. Learn how to find the greenest e-waste recycler near you.


Many people store clothing inside their storage unit when they have too much to fit inside their closet at home. But, the trends in the fashion industry are constantly changing. The items that you wanted to keep a year ago may no longer seem fashionable when you take a second look at them. People that have lost or gained weight may find that the clothing they stored no longer fits. If you’re running out of space inside your storage unit, sort through all of the clothing and donate any items that no longer fit or that you no longer think you will wear.


Furniture can take up a lot of space inside your unit, so you may want to consider getting rid of some pieces if you’re tight on space. Any pieces that are damaged should be taken out of your unit since you probably won’t be using these again. If there are pieces that are still in fairly good condition, you could probably make a little bit of money by selling them online instead of letting them sit inside a storage unit. Removing furniture that you no longer need will clear out a lot of space within the unit so you can store items that you do plan on using again.

Kids’ Toys

Your kids may no longer want to play with the toys that you have in storage. They may be too big to use their old bikes or too mature to play with the toys they loved when they were little. Sort through the items that your kids no longer use before donating them to a local charity. You may want to keep any toys that have sentimental value, but the rest can be donated to make room inside your storage unit. 

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