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How Real Estate Agents Can Use Las Vegas Storage Units

December 6, 2017

People assume that homeowners who are running out of storage space are the only ones who ever use Las Vegas storage units, but that’s definitely not the case. Many professionals—including real estate agents—turn to storage facilities when they need help with the day to day operations of their business. Why? Here’s how real estate agents can use storage units to their advantage:

Storage for Marketing Materials

Most real estate agents work primarily from their home, which means their living space is filled with for sale signs, brochures, and other marketing materials. If you’re a real estate agent, separate your professional and personal life by moving all of these marketing materials into a storage unit. Not only will this clear up space in your home, but it will also make it easier for you to keep track of what you have since everything will be organized in one place.

Staging Homes

A real estate agent who is working for a seller has one goal in mind: selling the home as quickly as possible. To reach this goal, real estate agents often stage the seller’s home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. This involves removing furniture, bringing in new pieces of furniture, and rearranging everything so that the home looks its very best. But, in order to stage a home, a real estate agent needs to have somewhere to put the furniture that is being removed. That’s where storage units come into play. If you are staging a home, place all of the furniture that will not be used inside a storage unit until the home has sold. Learn how to store your furniture with no climate control.

File Cabinets

Real estate agents typically have to hold onto a lot of documents, including closing papers, contracts, and client agreements. Even after a deal has closed, agents need to be able to access these documents in case a problem with the home or the transaction arises. Instead of keeping all of this clutter at home, organize the documents inside a file cabinet and transport the file cabinet to a storage unit. The documents will still be accessible, but they won’t be wasting space inside your home or office.

Extra Client Services

Do you have a client who has had to move out of his or her home before finding a new home to move into? Now would be a great time to set yourself apart from your competitors by allowing your client to move his or her belongings into your storage unit until he or she is able to find a new home. Offering this service will show your clients that you truly care about them, not just the sale and the commission.

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