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New Year’s Resolutions For People Who Use Public Storage in Las Vegas

January 3, 2018

At the beginning of every new year, many people choose to quit a bad habit or get in shape. But, why not choose a more unique resolution? Here are some New Year’s resolutions for people who use public storage in Las Vegas:

Sort Before Storage

Space inside a storage unit is limited, so don’t waste it on items that you don’t really want or need. If you plan on putting more items in storage next year, make a resolution to sort through them first. Get rid of items that you no longer need by donating them to local non-profit organizations or hosting a garage sale. Make sure every item that ends up in your storage unit is something that you will actually use again in the future. Learn how to declutter every room in your home.

People who don’t plan on bringing new items into their unit can still make this resolution. Instead of sorting items at your home, go through the items you already have in storage. You may no longer want or need some of the items that you decided to store years ago, so there’s no reason to hold onto them.

Update Your Inventory

People who rent storage units often keep an inventory of the items that are going in storage. This makes it easier to remember where all of your belongings are so you know if something goes missing. But, if you’ve had a storage unit for a long time, it’s possible that you may have forgotten to update your inventory list every time something goes in our out of the unit. Fix this problem in 2018 by making a resolution to update your inventory.

Clean Up

Make a resolution to spend an afternoon cleaning inside your storage unit. If you’ve taken things out of the boxes, put them back inside and make sure the boxes are sealed shut. It’s also a good idea to take this time to wipe the dust and debris off any items that aren’t protected with sheets or blankets. You don’t have to take everything out of the unit and clean it from top to bottom, but a little tidying up won’t hurt.

Reorganize the Space

If you’re not happy with the layout of your storage unit, set a goal to rearrange everything within the next year. A great way to start is by thinking about which items you need access to the most. These are the items that should be located right at the entrance of the unit so you don’t have to dig through a lot of stuff to find what you need. Once these items are moved to the front, organize the rest based on their size and how often you will need access to them.

Are you ready to start checking each of these resolutions off of your list? If so, the first step is renting a storage unit. To learn about your options, talk to the professionals at one of the most popular storage unit facilities in the area, Storage Durango Blue Diamond. Contact us today at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at