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Reasons Your Business Needs Storage in Las Vegas

January 10, 2018

When your business is growing, it is a great sign that it is thriving! It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure you make sure it is a smart transition. Your bottom line is crucial to continued success. Make sure you recognize the signs that you are outgrowing your space, learn when to choose storage over moving, and what to look for in storage in Las Vegas.

Signs You Have Outgrown Your Space

While some signs may seem obvious, others are subtler. It’s important to recognize the signs that you will need some extra room:
  • Ailing Aesthetics: One of the most obvious signs of a business outgrowing its space is a limited amount of it.  Boxes and other items begin to pile up. Storage rooms and lockers become difficult to navigate. Employees have additional clutter. Walkways may even be difficult to walk through. Not only do these changes look bad, but are also safety hazards.
  • Employees Working in Other Areas: When space becomes cramped, employees find other places to do business. Sometimes this is for comfortability, other times its to bring clients to a better environment.
  • Difficult to Find Items: When you have to dig and dig to find things, it is a waste of time and company dollars. From paperwork to office supplies, everything should have a place. When things become difficult to find due to poor organization with limiting room, extra space is needed.
Here are 5 other signs you’re outgrowing your office space.

Storage over Moving

Once you realize you need additional space, you may consider moving. Not so fast! A limited amount of internal space doesn’t require a move. Instead, consider renting a storage unit. Often times, there is much you need to keep, but do not need access to on a regular basis. A move is costly and a long process. If you can avoid it, and save money, that is ideal. Look to see what you don’t need and assess how much room it takes up. Next, work with your local storage company to learn about storage. You can share with them everything that needs to be stored and they can help you find the perfect size. You won’t have more than you need, and things can get back to normal at the office.

What to Look for in a Storage Company

In some cases, you can find units with on-site management in case there is anything you need help with. It is also an extra safety precaution for your items. Speaking of which, the safety of your items is key. Especially being off-site, you want to make sure nothing will happen with valuables. From alarms to electronic gates, look for a facility that has the best in the industry to care for your items. Last, you want to utilize a clean and neat space that is air cooled. This will help keep items safe in all climates. 

As you look for a premier storage unit for your business’ materials, Storage Durango Blue Diamond has you covered. We have self-storage and RV locations in Las Vegas near the Mountain’s Edge community. Our team will make sure to tell you how to maximize the space inside storage units in Las Vegas. To see what options are best to meet your business needs, call us today at 702-361-3304.