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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Self Storage Unit in Las Vegas

February 28, 2018

If your house is feeling a bit cluttered these days, you might have considered doing a major purge. Most organization experts suggest going through all of your things on a regular basis, to get rid of things you no longer need or use. They suggest making three piles: One pile is for things you want to throw into the trash. Another pile is for things you can donate to a charity. And the third pile is for those items you no longer use on a daily basis but you don’t want to get rid of yet. These are the things that can go into your self storage unit in Las Vegas.

This all sounds easy enough, but it can be tough to let go of items. You should ask yourself the following questions when you are getting your home organized.

How Long Has It Been Since I Used This Item?

If you are like most people, you have items around your house that are dust-covered because you haven’t used them in years. These things should go into the trash, or the donation pile if they are still useful items but you no longer have use for them.

There might be some items that can go into storage. For example, the ski gear you only use once during the annual winter ski trip takes up quite a bit of space in your garage. Keeping it in your self storage unit makes a lot more sense.

Would I Miss This Item if It Were No Longer Here?

You might have items around your house that you don’t really use but that you would indeed miss if they were gone. Old family photos, for example, might be cluttering up your bookcases, but you would likely miss them if they were gone. If you simply don’t have room for them anymore, however, you could neatly pack them into a box and put them in your Las Vegas self storage unit for safekeeping.

Does This Item Take Up a Lot of Space?

That treadmill you are using for a clothes hanger but that you aren’t quite ready to let go of is perfect for a self storage unit because it will free up a lot of space in your home. The same is true for other large items you don’t want to give away, such as furniture that isn’t being used or a drum set that isn’t being played.

After you’ve gone through your belongings and have decided which items need to go into storage, it’s time to find a storage facility that meets all of your needs. The go-to storage unit facility for residents of Las Vegas is Storage Durango Blue Diamond! Contact us today at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at