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Keep Your Belongings Safe in Public Storage in Las Vegas While You Take an Extended Vacation

May 23, 2018

It’s summertime, and you are finally taking your dream vacation. You have the RV packed and ready to go with all of the belongings you’ll need for the road trip that will last for several months. But what about the things you won’t be taking with you? If you are on an extended trip, keeping your belongings safe in public storage in Las Vegas can be a great idea. It can mean less worry and more enjoyment of your trip. (Here are some other tips for securing your home when on an extended trip.)

Decide What Should Be Stored—and What Can Be Left at Home

You can decide what should be stored and what doesn’t need to be by considering which items are vulnerable to theft or damage while you are not in your home. Valuables such as electronics, jewelry, and artwork can all be stolen. Electronics, in particular, can succumb to damage such as from flooding and so on. You should also store important paperwork and documents in your storage unit to protect them from damage in the event of flooding or fire.

How to Find the Right Storage Facility

If you do a Google search for “public storage in Las Vegas,” you’ll get a seemingly endless list of public storage businesses. Rather than picking one at random, you need to carefully consider which one you should choose. Since you’ll be on the road, it’s crucial that you use a storage business that offers good securities, including cameras, employees who are on-site, a locked gate, alarms, and so on. You also want to find a storage facility that is fairly close to where you live. This will make it easier to bring things to the unit. And if you want to ask a friend or family member to check on your storage unit while you are gone, the location should be convenient.

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Other Considerations for Your Storage Unit

Since most monthly storage units are billed each month, it’s not a bad idea to set up automatic payments with the facility so it can be charged to your bank account or credit card automatically. This way, if you are ever in a location where you don’t have Internet access, for instance, there is no danger of you being unable to pay—or forgetting to pay. Be sure to keep an inventory of all the items you have stored. If anything is missing, you’ll know right away. The list will come in handy for insurance purposes should a claim ever need to be filed for missing or damaged items.

With just a little bit of planning, you can keep your valued belongings safe while you are away on an extended trip. If you need help making a plan, talk to the pros at Storage Durango Blue Diamond. We can give you advice on a storage unit that will just perfect for your needs. We also sell boxes and other items you might need for storage. Contact us today at 702-361-3304 or visit us online at