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Getting to Know the Mountain’s Edge Community in Las Vegas

June 20, 2018

If you live in Las Vegas, you have likely seen or heard of the Mountain’s Edge community, but might not know some of the highlights of its history or benefits of living in the area. Storage Durango Blue Diamond serves the surrounding Mountain’s Edge community and is situated in close proximity to this particular development in the city. A popular place to call home, Mountain’s Edge was developed over time with prospective homeowners looking for a desirable area of town to live, raise families, and connect with their neighbors.  

Location is Everything

The city of Las Vegas is expansive, and expanding all the time. Most residents have become quite accustomed to hopping on the highway to get downtown or to the Strip, but actually the highways make it much easier for residents to maneuver around town as well. The Mountain’s Edge community has a perfect access point for both the I-15 and 215, as the two major highways border the neighborhoods and provide ease for residents to make their commutes to work, travel through the city, and just get from point A to point B much more efficiently.
Because Mountain’s Edge is easy to navigate, you can find many thriving businesses like Storage Durango Blue Diamond in the vicinity to provide you with everything you need close to home. The highways offer fast routes to the wide expanse of the city, but right inside the area, you can find many parks, attractions, natural beauty, and wildlife right outside your door.

One natural beauty to highlight in the Mountain’s Edge area is Exploration Peak Park. This park houses lots to do, including a children’s play area, dog-friendly attractions, and even provides hiking trails and plenty of shade from that intense Vegas sunshine. With water features and lots of entertainment opportunities, it’s the perfect way to have a little fun in nature without going too far from home. Exploration Peak Park has an old western frontier type of theme, with old-fashioned carriages water tower designs, drawing inspiration from this region’s beginnings as a place for pioneers out on the frontier.

Other parks in the Mountain’s Edge community are Nathaniel Jones Park (named for an early settler who oversaw a mining operation nearby) where residents can relax under the shade or play basketball, and Paiute Park which honors the original inhabitants of the land we now know in Southern Nevada.

Historical Significance

In addition to the area’s ease in access, the surroundings are quite beautiful and rich with history. Many of the natural areas encompassing Mountain’s Edge like Red Rock Canyon or Sloan Canyon have ancient petroglyphs from Native American tribes that once inhabited the land. At the entrance of the Mountain’s Edge community you will find Exploration Peak, the mass of land sometimes called “Fossil Hill” by paleontologists due to the high number of fossils found in its vicinity. The actual name references the way in which settlers, explorers, and travelers would use this path to make their way to explore new places and travel to other places.  The vantage point at the top of the mountain provides a way for modern day explorers to view the city’s topographical structure as well as gain more insight into the geological discoveries in the area.

Centennial City & Community

While Las Vegas residents know that the city promoted its centennial celebration, marking 100 years of establishments in the desert. What some folks in the area might not know is that 2005 marked 100 years of residents in Mountain’s Edge as well - the land auction in 1905 was of great historical significance for the community.

Mountain’s Edge Neighborhoods

Mountain’s Edge is a master-planned community developed by the Focus Development group in 2004. It houses many different neighborhoods within it, providing a range of types of homes and lots to families and home buyers. You can find communities built by many recognizable names in real estate like Pardee, KB Homes, Lennar, Richmond American, and Beazer. With three elementary schools in the community and three more elementary/middle schools on the way, it makes most neighborhoods of Mountain’s Edge have ease in access to educational facilities.

Things to Do in the Community

One of the main aspects of focus for Mountain’s Edge and its residents is building a strong sense of community. The parks in the area provide a great space for gathering or meeting for different types of events or attractions. Many different annual events take place, like Discovery Days, a gathering that gives the community a direct line of access to contribute to some of their favorite charities, like the Little Friends Foundation and the Candlelighter’s Childhood Cancer Foundation. The parks also house festivals just for fun, like May’s Country in the Park, a music festival that his fun for the whole family, free to enter, and allows for your own setup of picnic supplies and activities.

An opportunity to get to know your neighbors comes with the Mountain’s Edge community garage sale. In October, residents of the community join in on selling gently used items either in their neighborhood or in Exploration Park - a great opportunity to go through anything housed in our storage units at Storage Durango Blue Diamond and participate in the festivities! The event is also coordinated with the Salvation Army, so anything that is unwanted or is not purchased can be donated to a great cause.

The city of Las Vegas has many options for communities and neighborhoods, but the Mountain’s Edge community offers some of the best options available for a place to connect, grow, play, and explore. If you’re prepping for a move to the area or need some assistance housing your belongings, contact your Mountain’s Edge neighbors at Storage Durango Blue Diamond to help with moving supplies, Uhaul truck rentals, storage units, and more. Learn more useful tips and information from our team on Facebook! Contact us to receive information about rates and availability.