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Renting a Uhaul Truck for Your Move

July 10, 2018

Some consumers don’t have the ability or option to take care of the move themselves when considering what company to work with or how to go about handling the logistics of the move itself. If you are able and planning to opt for the DIY route for your move, chances are you will be in need of a large vehicle or truck to facilitate your move with greater ease. Luckily, you have the option of working with a combination of a storage facility and Uhaul truck rental service in Las Vegas at Storage Durango Blue Diamond. At our facilities, we can provide you with the correct size of Uhaul truck to rent as well as the storage space you might need in between homes or to house some of the extra “garage” items that you no longer have the space for, or would just prefer to be out of sight.

Sustainability Practices

Uhaul values the implementation of sustainable practices, and in essence, much like the economical car-sharing services that have been brought into our daily use with technology, Uhaul’s division of use and sharing of trucks and services is great for the environment and the community. It is easy to find and pick up one of the Uhaul trucks at a provider near you, and for the Mountain’s Edge community in Las Vegas, Storage Durango Blue Diamond can take care of that need.

The trucks themselves are also outfitted with technology or innovative design to help make them more eco-friendly and sustainable for our world. As a measure to reduce wind drag on the vehicle, the rounded edges allow for less drag en route, which also correlates to savings on fuel, as you have less resistance to work with when traveling. Fuel-economy gauges are also installed in every Uhaul truck to provide drivers with a more conscious approach to fuel efficiency and help them more closely monitor fuel consumption.
Uhaul truck rentals in Las Vegas

Planning the Rental

Figuring out what kind of truck you need is simple, Uhaul is the leading truck rental company with the most safety features installed in their fleet than any other truck rental service. There are a number of small details that you can plan ahead for, to ease the stress of moving while you are in the midst of it. Most people don’t have too much trouble determining the size of truck they will need, but the experts at Storage Durango Blue Diamond will be able to assist in guiding you toward the right size for your needs. As long as the driver of the truck is comfortable maneuvering a very large vehicle, it is smart to err on the side of a little extra space just in case it is needed. The last thing you want to do in the middle of the move, is make an extra trip that you weren’t planning to make. If you still aren’t sure what size is right for you, check out Uhauls size guide to determine what is right for you move.

Refueling Your Truck

Another important thing to remember is that you will be responsible for fueling up the truck before returning it when you rental has concluded. Take the time to look at how far you will be traveling from the facility to your home, then to the location you will be driving your belongings and back to the facility again. Make sure you consider multiple trips, if they will be required, as well as the location of the gas station you prefer to visit. Ensure you don't encounter any surprises, and plan to refuel at a station with ample space for any inexperienced truck drivers.

Passenger Logistics

Uhaul trucks also only have space for three passengers typically, sometimes just two, so make sure that is taken into account as you plan to make your way from point A to point B. If there are any kids involved in the move, just be aware of the seating situation in the truck prior to loading up and follow any safety requirements needed by coordinating another vehicle to travel with you.

Make Plans in Advance

At Storage Durango Blue Diamond, we have Uhaul trucks for rental at our location near Mountain’s Edge. At times, different sizes of vehicles will be in use depending on the season, so it is very important to check with your Uhaul dealer well in advance of the date you need your rental to ensure they have the right size for your needs. If you have specific needs for a certain size truck, for instance, you are moving your entire home and require a 26 foot truck, as something smaller would not suit your needs - make sure to contact Storage Durango Blue Diamond well in advance, so the facility will be prepared with the correct size truck on the day you will need it for your move. At the facility you can also plan to purchase your moving supplies and utilize convenient rentals like large dollies, packing blankets, tape, boxes, mattress covers and more.
self storage and uhaul truck rentals las vegas

Ready to get started planning your Uhaul truck rental? Contact the team at Storage Durango Blue Diamond today to get the process started and eliminate some of the stressors that come along with moving day. Check in with us to find out about availability in our air-cooled storage units and parking spaces and plan on storing some of the non-necessities with us in a safe place near your home. As a locally owned business, we are dedicated to providing our community of Las Vegas with top of the line services with friendly customer service.

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