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Sights Near Mountain’s Edge - Red Rock National Conservation Area

October 22, 2018

The city of Las Vegas is certainly surrounded by a lot of natural beauty - with Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area being one of the most popular places to visit and get outside and into the wild a bit. The Mountain’s Edge community is located in zip code 89178 and is home to Storage Durango Blue Diamond, where we are situated in an ideal location to reach the wild just outside the city. If you live in the Mountain’s Edge area or surrounding neighborhoods, our storage facility is perfectly located for your convenience in accessing all your needed hiking gear when planning your trek to Red Rock Canyon.

Getting to Red Rock

Parts of Red Rock Canyon can be seen from the Mountain’s Edge Community - the National Conservation Area hosts many hiking trails and other recreation, a scenic drive to the visitors center, and plenty of wildlife you’ll see roaming. It’s only a short 10 minute drive from Mountain’s Edge to the entrance of the Conservation Area and the drive beyond that to the visitors center is scenic and enjoyable, passing by Bonnie Springs, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, and Calico Basin on your way. You can, however enter the area from the opposite side, taking mainly city roads, although that would leave you with a shorter scenic drive.

Hiking Trails to Experience

There are many different varied skill and endurance level hikes to venture out into at Red Rock Canyon. A very popular trail which requires moderate effort but isn’t too long is the Calico Tanks Trail. The hike is about 2.2 miles where you’ll travel through sandstone rocks to a hidden pond and make your way up to see a beautiful perspective of the city of Las Vegas.

Lost Canyon, or Children’s Discovery Trail is another popular hiking trail to take and it even offers a glimpse at petroglyphs and takes you down some stone stairs. If your timing is right seasonally, you might be able to see a waterfall on this hike as well (winter - spring). It isn’t the easiest hike, more of moderate difficulty but the distance is quick at only .75 mile.

Of geological importance, the Keystone Trust Trail offers views of its namesake’s result. The Keystone Thrust occurred when two continental plates collided and forcefully pushed together to  bring about Red Rock Canyon itself. While hiking on this trail, you’ll see magnificent views throughout the entire hike, but you’ll also catch a glimpse at the place of convergence on the historical geologic event.

Learning About the Local Wildlife

The wildlife in Red Rock Conservation Area is unique and interesting to learn more about. The area is home to many different species of animal as well as plant. You’ll have the opportunity to see wild growing cacti like the prickly pear and yucca plants. You may get to catch a glimpse of a mule deer or a zebra-tailed lizard if you're lucky.

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the surroundings you’re entering to help you gain an understanding of how to identify different forms of wildlife. Resources are readily available to you by Red Rock Canyon through their - Red Rock Canyon: A - Z guide. You can learn more details about the wildlife, historic significance, and preparation of what to expect on your hikes.

Featured Activities at Red Rock

The Conservation Area hosts frequent educational events that locals can partake in throughout the year. You can attend different tabletop readings and events to learn about everything from different animal species of Nevada to book signings and hikes.

In the upcoming months, join others at Red Rock Canyon for a campfire talk - on October 16, 2018 you could attend a talk about Stories from the Southwest. Hear about early desert life and learn more about the area while taking in the surroundings of Red Rock Canyon Campground.

If you are very new to the idea of hiking in the desert and are not sure you feel prepared to venture into the outdoors, you can attend the upcoming October 24, 2018 event called “Introducing the Desert Walk.” You’ll be walked through all the most common questions and answers and help you with any of your own. You’ll leave ready to take on your first hiking trail in the desert.

Convenient Location for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Mountain’s Edge is a great area of town if you are partial to visiting Red Rock Canyon and the surrounding parks and wildlife areas. With easy access and a beautiful journey to get there, its central location is the perfect way to stay close to both nature and the city. Conveniently located near Mountain’s Edge, Storage Durango Blue Diamond can be your go-to self storage facility for all the gear and equipment you use seasonally. As a smart way to keep your home storage functional and tidy, consider moving your recreational equipment to a storage unit during off-seasons. However, our facilities are easily accessible, so stopping in and grabbing your gear is simple.

What is your favorite part about Red Rock Conservation Area? With so much wildlife just a short drive away, our community in Las Vegas is lucky to have the opportunity so near. At Storage Durango Blue Diamond, we provide our customers with everything they might need for storage in Las Vegas. From equipment like rental trucks and dollies to storage units and moving boxes, you can find everything you need at our storage facility. Contact us today for availability and sizing options to get started.