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Raising the Wall at Your Local Las Vegas Storage Facility

November 27, 2018

If you live near Mountain’s Edge in Las Vegas, you’ve likely passed by our facilities at Storage Durango Blue Diamond even if you haven’t worked with our team yet. Our location is just off of Blue Diamond Road and Durango Dr, of course, a convenient location that is easy to access. With our neighbor to the Southern side, Montana Meat Company, you have plenty of space in our lot to make it easy for those renting Uhaul trucks from our location.

As part of our efforts to continually grow and develop with our community, we are always modifying things, expanding the offerings or services, or improving the facility itself. Lately, we have been making some new changes to the facility to improve the exterior and accessibility.
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Reaching a Bit Higher

As a part of an effort to add some peace of mind and out of the care of the tenants of Storage Durango Blue Diamond, the exterior walls have been raised two feet around our entire location. Our facilities offer both indoor rentals and outdoor storage spaces for rent as well as covered and uncovered parking for storage of RVs, cars, or other types of vehicles. This change to the exterior wall height will add value to the storage facility in that it will provide an additional barrier to unwanted visitors of all types.
walls of self storage las vegas

Those managing the facility at Storage Durango Blue Diamond is focused on providing the best service and facilities for our tenants, and the decision to extend the height of the wall is made with the benefit of our storage tenants in mind. With all the options for storage in Las Vegas, we are proud to offer exceptional facilities and services for those in our community. We continue to make changes and updates to our services and always look forward to providing quality service to our tenants.

Benefits for Our Facility

The upgrade to our storage facilities exterior has a great benefit for the outdoor storage units and the boats, RVs, and vehicles in parking spots. The added height helps reduce possible visibility from the outside, which can be helpful in numerous ways including keeping some of the spaces hidden from view. Because our location is easy to access and visible from the road, our outside walls can be a bit taller considering the height of our facility’s building.
Other benefits of our facility include additional ease of access. Because we are so conveniently located, you can enjoy drive-up access to our facilities with digital gate access as well. Access your unit every day during business hours and keep in contact with our friendly managers on-site. Our air-cooled units are available in a variety of sizes, so learn more about how to choose the right size for your storage needs.
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Choosing Your Storage Location

Having a storage unit in a convenient location helps make your use of the unit itself much easier. Consider the items that you intend on placing in your storage unit. If you have a need to use some of these items periodically, it is best you choose a storage facility in a location near your home. If you live in the Mountain’s Edge community near Blue Diamond, our facility would be the perfect choice in ease in access.

If you are utilizing a storage unit during your move, choose a facility which offers most of the needs you’ll require for your move. From the truck to the moving materials, you can purchase everything you need for your move in one location at Storage Durango Blue Diamond. It is smart to choose a storage unit near your new home if you plan on keeping anything in storage.

Why Use Self-Storage?

Many people use self-storage to keep their home more organized. It can help add on extra square footage to the space you have - and can be very easy to manage. You can store items like seasonal decorations or seasonal tools you might not need all year round. This can clear out plenty of space in your garage or closets in your home as well. Things like large blankets, ski or snow gear, or even your ornament collection or other type of collection can return to your storage unit each year and save you some breathing room in your home.
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Another way to use your storage unit is to store things long term. Sometimes a downsize is the smartest next move for you or your family, and using a storage unit to hold some of your larger furniture or belongings for an extended period of time is an easy way to keep the clutter at a minimum. You can take your time keeping things in storage and get your new home situated, then return to possibly selling items or continuing to store for a longer time. If you plan on moving to a larger home in the future, you may want to keep the furniture or supplies from downsizing.

Have questions about using a storage unit for your needs? Contact the team at Storage Durango Blue Diamond to learn more about how you can use your storage unit and what size you might need. Whether you’re looking to use a storage unit during your move or to utilize the space long-term, our facilities have flexible options to give you plenty of options for your needs. To learn more about our facilities and helpful advice for moving and storage, follow our blog or our Facebook page to get updates and read more. To check in with us for availability, call our facilities during business hours, or contact us online.