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4 Ways to Use a Storage Unit to Make Your Move Easier

August 3, 2018

Moving has a ubiquitous feel to it with most everyone - and is usually associated with feelings of dread or frustration. Storage Durango Blue Diamond is here to give you hope for an easier move with some tips to help you along the way. If you can remember to employ the use of a storage unit during your move, you can save a lot in terms of headache, physical ache, and worry. Here are a few ways you can use a storage unit in Las Vegas during your move to ease your burden and keep things smooth and simple: 

1. Giving You More Time

Probably the most helpful of all the different ways using a storage unit can assist in making your move simpler is that fact that it just gives you a little more time. Imagine being able to move things little by little into your new home or new space, without any time constraints to be out of the old place? Well, with a storage unit, you can gradually move less-used items into the storage space, taking your time to be organized, and have less to fuss with on actual moving day. You might even consider keeping some of those lesser-used items in the storage unit until they are actually needed, maybe a few months into living in your new space.

Another way to use the storage unit before you actually move is if you are planning to outfit your new home with a new style with new furniture or artwork. You can go right ahead with planning and purchasing the new items, keep them safely in their boxes in your storage unit, and when it comes time to move, have a yard sale or donate the old items and furniture and start fresh in your new space.

2. Allowing You to Edit Your Life

When you take the time to pack up your entire home with all your belongings, you really see everything you own at a glance. It makes it easier to see everything together, so you can edit out the things you don’t need. If you wouldn’t pack up an item and put it in your storage unit to be able to access it later, you most likely don't need it. It also helps to make you organize some of the “clutter” items that linger around your home like unwanted holiday decorations or unused pieces of furniture that you have “just in case.” Use the storage unit to compile your non-necessities and take a look at the big picture. Chances are, you will end up with a lot less to move when that day comes.

3. Less Work for the Move

This is an obvious draw - the more items you can take in small loads to your storage unit, the less space you will need in the moving truck. It can definitely save money on the cost of renting the truck, and you can even rent a Uhaul truck from Storage Durango Blue Diamond to make it easier on yourself!  If you can slowly compile your smaller boxes for the move into your storage unit, you can keep the space in the truck reserved for just your large item furniture. You can hire movers to help you load and unload into your new space, and all that is left is getting things back from the storage unit as time allows. Giving yourself just a little extra time for getting things moved in really can help with the organizational process as well.
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4. Keep Things Organized

If you have moved once before, you have likely been through it - organization sometimes goes out the window when you are in process of moving on the day of the move itself. Even when you take the trouble to color coordinate and label each box with the room it belongs in, sometimes the people helping you in your move might not notice or know what that system is. You’ll likely end up with stacks of boxes in every room and some belonging elsewhere. It takes time to go through each one, gauge what is important to get unpacked right away, and what can be pushed to the side to be taken care of when time allows. This is not an ideal method, as you are sacrificing the space in your home and increasing the feeling of clutter surrounding you.
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Take all those meticulously labeled boxes and decide which are “must-haves” and which are not, then take the nots to your storage unit for safe-keeping. You can make a trip to your unit any time you like, and if you are moving to the Mountain’s Edge community in Las Vegas, Storage Durango Blue Diamond is the most convenient location to make quick trips for moving items. You might end up stopping by and taking a few boxes on your way home from work each day, or you might end up swapping some things out after feeling out your new home. The main idea here is, it makes things much easier and less stressful for you in the long term.

Are you getting started planning a move? Take the measures needed to reduce stress for yourself and your family during the move and rent a storage unit to aid in the process. Our units are clean, air cooled, and we even have a variety of moving supplies for purchase in our office to help you along the way. If you are planning a move to Mountain’s Edge, there is no better place to store your belongings, and no where in the area more convenient to access!

Rent your Uhaul truck with Storage Durango Blue Diamond when it comes time for the move, and make us your one-stop shop for storage, moving supplies, and friendly advice for the move! Follow us on Facebook to learn more tips and advice on how storage units can make your life easier and ways to reduce stress on moving day.