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Moving During the Summer in Vegas?

Learn some helpful tips for beating the heat during your move.

August 24, 2018

Everyone knows Las Vegas is known for its extremely hot summers - it is the desert after all. The average temperature in August is about 103 degrees, and for Las Vegas, that is not nearly as hot as it might get on any given day. The area of Blue Diamond and Mountain’s Edge can be a bit friendlier in terms of the heat, just because the elevation can really help cool things off. If you are in the middle of planning a move during the month of August, you might want to make sure you plan things around the hottest parts of the day and just keep the weather as a major consideration with everything you do. Here are a few ways Storage Durango Blue Diamond recommends you keep cool during your move this summer in Vegas and some ideas to make the whole process a little easier:

Optimal Times for the Bulk of the Move

The smartest and best way you can really make things smoother is to plan ahead for your move. Are you renting a truck to transport your things to your new home? Make sure you have reserved your Uhaul truck ahead of time and are able to pick it up as early as possible for a same-day move, but is wise to consider renting the truck for a longer period of time.

If you are able, rent your truck a day early, relieving some of the stress of packing things up in a hurry, as well as giving you plenty of time to get things started in the wee hours of the morning. It is much cooler in the early AM in Las Vegas, so it is important to use the coolest hours possible for your move. Picking up your truck the day before will allow you to utilize the cooler evening hours packing things up, then you can arrive at your destination to use the cool temperatures of the morning to unpack and unload. This is probably the most important considerations, as the heat can cause other problems that prolong the move itself.

If you have access to a storage unit in Las Vegas, now would be the time to utilize that space forstorage of non-essential items during the move. It can really ease the burden in a few key ways and make the whole process smoother.
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Supplies to Combat the Heat

Sometimes plans just don’t work out the way you might like, and sometimes during a move, it can take longer than you may have planned. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of the afternoon either loading or unloading your truck for the move, you have a few safety considerations to keep in mind. If you are using something like a dolly to transport boxes, be careful about positioning it in direct sunlight while not in use. The metal of the dolly can heat up quickly and burn your hand when you begin to use it again. An easy way to protect your hands from both the heat of tools and boxes alike are some heavy duty gloves. It can make it easier to grip boxes or handles and protect your hands from hot truck handles or anything that might be affected by the hot sun.

Inside the truck itself can also heat up very quickly, so if you are organizing and stacking things up on the inside, make sure you have set up a fan or some way to move and cool the air around you. If nothing else, make sure you keep a water bottle with you at all times. Using something with a thermal lining will help keep the water cold when outside.
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Listen to Your Body

Heat stroke is a real thing, and can happen really quickly. It is very important to pay attention to how you are feeling and constantly hydrate when you are in the sun for prolonged periods of time. Dehydration can also happen quickly in this kind of intense heat, so the rule is to take breaks inside in a cool environment - often. Try to ensure you are drinking twice or three times as much water as you normally might to help keep you moving, and eat healthy, hydrating foods on moving day as well.

Moving is a very physical activity and can be made more difficult without the proper supplies. Make sure to rent or buy a dolly to transport boxes back and forth and save some energy. Try to make sure you are doing as much prep work inside the house or building to help stay out of the sun as much as you can. If you have a garage space, set up a way to cool the area and use that space for stacking and loading.

Take an Alternative to DIY

You might want to avoid the heat altogether and simply supervise the process. Hiring movers for the loading and unloading of your belongings can make things quicker and less intense for you or your family to manage. You can schedule the time of the movers at the earliest possible time and get things started when the air outside is still cool.

Another thing to remember is that you can schedule moving help after you have already rented the truck. There are a lot of options to have different services provided, like packing services or unpacking, transportation services, and all kinds of things to make it much more VIP than DIY.

Need to rent a storage unit for your move in the Mountain’s Edge area? Storage Durango Blue Diamond can help with more than just self storage, we’ve got all the moving supplies you might need, including dollies, blankets, mattress bags, and all the tape and tools to make things smooth and organized. Contact us today to learn more about renting space with us and follow us on Facebook for the latest news and tips