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Features of Your Local Las Vegas Storage Facility

Storage Durango Blue Diamond's Facility Features

September 19, 2018

At Storage Durango Blue Diamond our services cover more than just storage units for rental. We definitely provide an excellent option for self storage in Las Vegas - our facilities are clean, well-maintained, and are easy to access. But in addition to storage units, there are a number of other products or services that we offer to assist you with your needs. If you are moving or planning a move, we can be a great source for many of the items you’ll need, all in one easy place to find it all. We focus on providing people with everything they’ll need to make the move as smooth as possible. While many people utilize a storage unit during their move, we can also provide you with the following services:

Rental Trucks and Rental Supplies

Our facility is a provider of Uhaul trucks for rental - helping make your move easier if you’re in the Mountain’s Edge area. You can contact us to make a truck reservation and pick it up at our location on the day you’ll need it. You can learn more about Uhaul trucks and some tips about how to best use them to get the job done right. If you need to transport your car with you in the move, you can also rent an auto transport or tow dolly to tow behind your truck. Just make sure to check in with us on availability in advance of when you need the rentals.

uhaul rental las vegas

In addition to Uhaul trucks and trailers, we also offer different rental supplies like dollies to manage all your heavy items. Consider the items you’re planning to move and the resources at your disposal. It might make sense to have multiple dollies for a quicker or more efficient loading and unloading of your truck. You may need a standard dolly, or potentially a more heavy-duty capable dolly.

dolly rental las vegas

Moving Boxes, Bubble Wrap

Moving supplies are very important to ensure you keep your precious items cared for during transit. Taking the time to prepare things and pack things appropriately can save you a lot of time and make things a lot smoother during the move. At Storage Durango Blue Diamond, you can get everything you need for your move in one place. We’ve got many different sizes and styles of moving boxes to suit your needs. In addition to the boxes, you can pick up a whole moving kit complete with different sized boxes, glass packing boxes, dish boxes, two sizes of bubble wrap, tape, marker, and a box cutter. Ensure you have enough packing paper or bubble wrap secure and fill each box. Make it a single trip and pick up the rest of the supplies you’ll need to make things easy.

moving supplies las vegas

Moving Accessories

When you move, you don’t always consider every aspect of the project, and it can be helpful to know about some additional options you have to make your move as simple as possible. Instead of attempting to wrap any delicate chairs or your couch, we sell chair and couch covers to be used in your move. Any time you can gain in the packing and moving process helps, so utilize these covers and you’ll keep things safe as well. Your mattress is one of the larger items to be transported, and if you make sure you have a mattress cover, it will be much more effective than plastic wrap and you’ll have a better chance things won’t be damaged.

Planning ahead during your move is always the smartest way to get things done right - and quickly. Pick up some categorized tape for the boxes at our storage facility - they are labeled with room names or types, as well as color coded to make things easier to sort visually. We also feature some larger items like sheets of wrapping paper or larger rolls of plastic wrap for securing items in bubble wrap.

If you are moving into somewhere with new flooring, you might want to be prepared with furniture pads and small pads for the bottoms of your couch legs, chair legs, or anything that might get dragged across fresh floors. It is easier to pick up extra and have them ready to go then to deal with repairing the scratches later down the road.

disc lock storage facility las vegas

Be sure to pick up a disc lock if you are using one of our storage units and keep things secure. And you may have a need for ratchet straps - they work great for securing larger items on the inside of the rental trucks to hold things in place and keep them from shifting too much in the cargo area.


Truck, RV, & Boat Storage

Our facility also offers parking spaces for RVs, trucks, and boats to be stored on-site. The spaces are covered and have ample space - up to 40 feet, and can be used for anything from your jet-skis to your motorhome. You can access our facilities from 7AM - 9PM and we provide fantastic ease of access. Just type in your access code to enter and get to your truck or trailer.

rv boat storage las vegas

What are your moving plans? If you’re getting started on your move and are ready to start moving forward with your organizational plans, contact Storage Durango Blue Diamond in Las Vegas. We can provide everything from the moving supplies and tools you’ll need to make the move, to the space to rent and house your belongings. We can help recommend the right moving supplies for your need and provide tips and advice to make your move an easy one. Inquire about our spaces for truck, RV, or boat storage if you need a large space to keep a prized possession when not in use.

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