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Storage in Las Vegas: Reviewing Our Resources

February 15, 2019

Las Vegas has many options for storage units or storage space throughout the city, and there are many local businesses like Storage Durango Blue Diamond to provide you with a friendly option close to home. Our team aims to provide the community around us with some resources and ways we can help when moving or making a change to your home. During the last year we covered a lot of information about the Mountain’s Edge area and some of the local resources you have at your disposal. We’ll help with the planning if you’re going to be moving during the summer, as well as offer some tips and other ideas to assist.

Here’s a few of the things we covered in 2018 and looking forward to offering more resources for the community this year:

Getting to Know the Mountain’s Edge Community in Las Vegas

The area in Las Vegas known as Mountain’s Edge has gained popularity in recent years for its convenience and natural beauty nearby. Many residents of the Mountain’s Edge community work with Storage Durango Blue Diamond for moving and storage services in the area.

Mountain’s Edge has a unique history and many sites to learn more about the artifacts and significant attractions nearby. Surround the neighborhoods are Sloan’s Canyon and Red Rock Canyon, which provide a terrific landscape for those living in the area.

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Features of Your Local Las Vegas Storage Facility

Although you can be sure to find self-storage units at our facilities, there are a few more features that you might not expect to find. You can rent indoor or outdoor storage units depending on your needs. Another feature is our car, truck, boat, or RV storage and parking spaces available. You’ll find we work with Uhaul and provide moving trucks to allow you to get everything in one place.

For your convenience, you can get everything you might need to prep and pack your move, from the labels and bubble wrap to packing blankets and the truck itself.

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Raising the Wall at Your Local Las Vegas Storage Facility

One of the great things about local businesses in Las Vegas is the ability to grow and make changes as needed to improve. Last year, the team made some changes to the exterior of the facility and raised the wall surrounding the lot. It’s a great way to improve upon the space and add value for our customers.

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Sights Near Mountain’s Edge - Red Rock National Conservation Area

If you live near Mountain’s Edge and the surrounding area, you are in very close proximity to some excellent opportunities to see some natural beauty just outside the city. You can venture out into Red Rock Canyon just a short 10 minute drive from Mountain’s Edge, and past that, you can enjoy the sights and stops further into the space like Bonnie Springs, Calico Basin, or Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

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Moving During the Summer in Vegas?

Everyone knows that Vegas summers can be rough when the sun is out. It is very important to be conscious of the weather we experience in Las Vegas and to make sure you are prepared for something as big as a move in the smartest ways possible. Our storage facility can help make things easier by providing much of what you might need in one place. If you are getting ready to start planning a move this summer in Las Vegas, be sure to review the top things to consider or remember to move smart.

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Tips for Downsizing and Using a Self-Storage Unit in Las Vegas

We all like to practice the art of being organized and releasing things we no longer need around our home. Using a storage unit can help you stay more organized and keep clutter at a minimum in your home. Consider some of our tips to assist you if you are downsizing your home or considering using a self-storage unit to create more living space in your house.

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4 Ways to Use a Storage Unit to Make Your Move Easier

When you are planning a move, utilizing a storage unit prior to moving day and after can reduce a lot of stress involved in the process. You’ll likely have many different decorations and items that aren’t necessities immediately after moving into your new space, and using a storage unit to keep it out of your way could actually make the move much more efficient (and less stressful!)

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Renting a Uhaul Truck for Your Move

At Storage Durango Blue Diamond, you can pick up a Uhaul truck to facilitate your move. There are some things to consider when planning to rent a truck to move. Determining what size you need is usually straightforward, but the team at our facility can assist in that process any time. You’ll want to make sure you make your plans in advance, to ensure the truck you’ll need is available an be sure you have all the supplies you’ll need. We’ll offer some tips for refueling and some recommended resources like the size guide and learning a little about using your truck.

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There are so many ways to use a storage unit to keep your life more organized and provide a bit more space in your living areas. The local area of Mountain’s Edge can turn to our facility to provide all the needed items for a move as well as temporary or long term storage. If you’re in need of space for large vehicles or items like RVs, boats, or trucks, contact us to learn more about working with us. Be sure to look out for more tips, advice, and features about the community in the year to come.